Friday, March 11, 2016

Transportation Theme Recap - Tot School

We just completed our "Transportation" week of Tot School!  Here is a quick recap of some of our highlights...
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Materials: Trains, train tracks, suitcase, money, books about trains, train whistle (kazoo)
Skills; literacy, vocab, counting (money & trains)
Extension: Add a clock for practice telling time

Materials: Road Letters or Shapes, Sand (Baby Cereal), Cars, Blocks
* Use cars to trace letters in sand and blocks to build letters 
Skills: fine motor, letter/shape recognition, sensory

Materials: black play-doh, circle stringing beads, pipe cleaners
Skills: sorting, visual discrimination, fine motor

Materials; Melissa & Doug puzzle, sand (baby cereal), rake
Skills: visual discrimination, fine motor, sensory, vocab

Materials: Vehicle foam pieces (Hobby Lobby), colorful bowls, clothes pins, tongs
Skills: color recognition, visual discrimination, vocab, fine motor

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