Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fizzy Valentine's Day Heart ~ Tot School Sensory Play

Little Guy loved our Fizzy Heart Sensory Play that I had set up for him today.  It was so simple to make and kept him occupied for over half an hour, seriously!
To make the heart:

* Mix baking soda and water together to form a thick paste (you can also add food coloring, if you wish)

* Pour mixture into cookie cutters and add confetti, sequins, or other small items

* Put in freezer.  I left mine in the freezer over night and it worked fine.
In the morning, I popped the heart out of the cookie cutter and placed it in a shallow tray.
I gave Little Guy a paint cup of vinegar dyed red (with food coloring) and a paint brush and had him "paint" the heart.  He was amazed when the heart started fizzing.
I originally showed him the white side of the heart but it was taking too long to "melt" away.  I flipped it over to show him where the confetti was "hiding".  He had a blast trying to get the confetti out!

(This activity was inspired by the fizzy dinosaur eggs from Our Tot School Adventure)