Saturday, April 9, 2016

Space Theme : Tot School Recap

Space Theme : Tot School Recap
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Materials: Easter egg dye / water color paint, white crayon
Skills: Hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, creativity

Materials: Baking soda, glow-in-the-dark stars, sequins, glitter, vinegar, food coloring
(Make a thick paste out of baking soda, water, and food coloring.  Spread in a container and add embellishments.  Freeze overnight)
Skills: Hand-eye coordination, scientific exploration, fine motor

Materials: Black Play-doh, glitter, star sequins, glow-in-the-dark stars
Skills: Fine motor, creativity

Materials: Contact paper, glow-in-the-dark stars, star beads, rocket foam pieces
Skills: fine motor, creativity
(Little Guy also added in some pattern practice)

Materials: Star stringing beads, pipe cleaners
Skills: fine motor, sorting, visual discrimination

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Saturday, March 19, 2016

St. Patrick's Day / Green Theme : Tot School Recap

St. Patrick's Day Tot School Recap
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Materials: baking soda, water, gold coins, sequins, green food coloring, vinegar, paint brush
Directions: Mix baking soda, water, and food coloring to form a paste.  Add sequins and coins to mixture and freeze.  Paint with vinegar to find hidden objects.
Skills: science, fine motor, sensory

Materials: Green grass, green felt letters/numbers/shapes, green foam numbers, green shape blocks
Skills: sensory, number/letter/shape recognition, visual discrimination

Materials: contact paper, washi tape, green blocks, buttons, and foam pieces
Skills: fine motor, visual discrimination

Materials: green Play-doh, green stringing beads, pipe cleaners
Skills: STEM, fine motor, sensory

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tot School: Water Theme Recap

Tot School: Water Theme Recap
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Materials: 2 copies of Rainbow Fish Counting Frame Freebie, blue Easter grass (or other sensory material), tongs
Skills: fine motor, number recognition, counting, visual discrimination, colors

Materials: blue Easter grass (or other sensory material), Melissa and Doug magnetic fishing puzzle
Skills: fine motor, eye-hand coordination, visual discrimination

Materials: blue and green finger paint, gold glitter, sequins, paper
Skills: fine motor, creativity, sensory

Materials: blue and green paint (or food coloring), water, oil, sequins
** Our baggie started to leak, I've been told that if you duct tape all four sides, it should stop the leaking
Skills: sensory, fine motor

Friday, March 11, 2016

Transportation Theme Recap - Tot School

We just completed our "Transportation" week of Tot School!  Here is a quick recap of some of our highlights...
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Materials: Trains, train tracks, suitcase, money, books about trains, train whistle (kazoo)
Skills; literacy, vocab, counting (money & trains)
Extension: Add a clock for practice telling time

Materials: Road Letters or Shapes, Sand (Baby Cereal), Cars, Blocks
* Use cars to trace letters in sand and blocks to build letters 
Skills: fine motor, letter/shape recognition, sensory

Materials: black play-doh, circle stringing beads, pipe cleaners
Skills: sorting, visual discrimination, fine motor

Materials; Melissa & Doug puzzle, sand (baby cereal), rake
Skills: visual discrimination, fine motor, sensory, vocab

Materials: Vehicle foam pieces (Hobby Lobby), colorful bowls, clothes pins, tongs
Skills: color recognition, visual discrimination, vocab, fine motor

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Fizzy Valentine's Day Heart ~ Tot School Sensory Play

Little Guy loved our Fizzy Heart Sensory Play that I had set up for him today.  It was so simple to make and kept him occupied for over half an hour, seriously!
To make the heart:

* Mix baking soda and water together to form a thick paste (you can also add food coloring, if you wish)

* Pour mixture into cookie cutters and add confetti, sequins, or other small items

* Put in freezer.  I left mine in the freezer over night and it worked fine.
In the morning, I popped the heart out of the cookie cutter and placed it in a shallow tray.
I gave Little Guy a paint cup of vinegar dyed red (with food coloring) and a paint brush and had him "paint" the heart.  He was amazed when the heart started fizzing.
I originally showed him the white side of the heart but it was taking too long to "melt" away.  I flipped it over to show him where the confetti was "hiding".  He had a blast trying to get the confetti out!

(This activity was inspired by the fizzy dinosaur eggs from Our Tot School Adventure)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Arctic Animal Invitations to Play

Well, it's January and we've just gotten our first snow fall of the season.  Little Guy has loved watching the snow fall so I set up a super simple invitation to play for him.
I put snow in a container and added our Arctic animals.  I also provided Little Guy with a small set of shovels and let him have at it.
After the first round of snow melted, I refilled the container with snow but I hid the animals at the bottom first.  Little Guy thought this was so funny and loved scooping out the snow to find the hidden animals.
I ended up refilling the container at least 4 times and Little Guy played happily for over 20 minutes!  Mommy score!