Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter Eggs, Kool-aid... and a Toddler

I was so excited to dye Easter eggs with my little guy for the first time!   When I saw the Kool-aid dyed eggs on Pinterest by TotallytheBomb, I knew I had to try them!  
I could only find 3 different packets of Kool-aid at Target; cherry, grape,  and tropical punch.  I thought the tropical punch was blue but it was actually red, like the cherry,  bummer.

I mixed up the "dye" in plastic cups,  it was so easy,  just Kool-aid and water!   When we were ready to dye,  I poured a little bit of the dye into a small, shallow bowl to try to minimize the mess in case of the inevitable spill.  I decided to try out whisk method from Surviving the Stores and it was AMAZING!   You pop an egg into a wire whisk so you don't have to get your hands dirty!   Little Guy loved stirring up his eggs and watching them change color.
The colors on TotallytheBomb are so bright and vibrant, ours honestly, did not turn out so great.   The colors were a bit dull (but I'm sure we didn't keep them in quite long enough) and the purple looked almost brown.  The eggs looked even worse after being put in the fridge.   The dye ran, streaked the eggs and changed colors.  The Kool-aid also bled through the shells onto the egg white,  which is expected, but my egg definitely had a bit of a grape flavor to it, yuck!  We won't be using the Kool-aid method any more,  but the whisk method is a keeper!

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