Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easter Egg Sticky Wall

I have been mildly obsessed with sticky walls since I saw them popping up on Pinterest.
If you have yet to see them, you can check some examples out over at Toddler Approved, Learn with Play at Home, and Teach Preschool.

The concept is pretty simple (but genius!), you tape a piece of clear contact paper to a wall, window, or easel with the sticky side out.  Then you invite the kiddo's to add paper, craft supplies, or manipulatives to the sticky paper.  Simple!

For our very first sticky wall, I used my paper cutter to cut some scrap card stock into rectangles and a large hole puncher to cut out some circles.  I also cut an egg shape "stencil" out of a piece of white card stock.  If you plan to use this in a classroom with multiple kids, you may want to laminate your shapes.  Ours did get bent and crumpled after a couple of days use.

My little guy was so intrigued by the sticky wall!  First, he picked out all the circles and stuck them in the center of the egg stencil.

After that, he took them all out of the egg and lined them up at the top of the contact paper and added in some rectangles.

I made an effort to name each shape he added to the wall (circle, rectangle) and tried to use the term sticky every time he touched the paper.

This activity kept him occupied for over 15 minutes and he has gone back to his sticky wall every day since!  I can't wait to try more activities on this!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Toddler Valentine's Day Recap

How to keep a Toddler busy... Valentine's Day edition!

Since we were getting a little stir crazy from being stuck in the house this cold and snowy winter, I tried to come up with some fun Valentine's Day theme activities to keep my little guy busy.
One day, we used "Baggie Painting" to paint Valentine's for some family.  Baggie painting is a pretty simple concept.  Just add a piece of card stock and paint to a ziplock baggie, zip it up, and let your little one go to town!  This is perfect for little ones that like to taste everything (like my little guy) or for older kids with sensory issues, or when you just don't want them to get messy!

Little Guy's Valentine's Day Masterpieces!

Foam Heart Fine Motor Activity

I found glitter heart shape foamy stickers from Hobby Lobby and gave them to Little Guy to explore.  I also provided him with an empty Voss water bottle and showed him how to put the hearts into the bottle.  This kept him busy for so long!  He loved putting the hearts into the bottle (and also the cap) and bumping them out.  
Gizmo wanted to play too!

This was another really easy idea featuring the Voss water bottle, lol!  I have a small stash of these that I just pull out when we need one.

I used Valentine's Day theme confetti (found on sale, at Hobby Lobby).  I let Little Guy put the confetti into the bottle and then filled it up with water.  He enjoyed shaking the bottle to watching the confetti move around, he kept trying to get me to open it so he good add more confetti.  I gave him another empty water bottle and let him add all the confetti he wanted.

Our last (and messiest!) Valentine's Day activity, Edible Cloud Dough!
I used the recipe for Toddler Safe Cloud Dough from Kids Activity Blog but I substituted the non-toxic paint powder for some red fruit juice.  I would have used a bit of food coloring, but I didn't have any in the house.

I provided heart shaped cookie cutters and measuring spoons and cups for Little Guy to explore.  He liked to use the spoon to scoop the mixture into the cookie cutters.

For more edible sensory ideas, check out my Baby ~ Play/Toys Pinterest board