Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trick or Treat... Smell my Feet!

"Trick or Treat... Smell my Feet!"
I wanted to make something special with my little guy for Halloween and I came across adorable candy corn footprints from Juggling with Kids (click one of the links to see them!)

I used regular washable kids craft paint for this project and tried a variety of different papers to see what worked the best.  In the end, I liked the way it looked on kraft paper the best (since I didn't have any black construction paper or cardstock).
Little Guy seemed a little confused at first as to what Mommy was doing to his foot but he warmed up to it quickly and laughed any time I added more paint.  (I literally made over 10 footprints, 5 ended up turning out well).  I love baby toes... so cute!
I decided to keep one of the footprints for his baby book and turn the other ones into Halloween cards for our family.  I used blank white cards that had a polka dot pattern on the front.  I just happened to have these, don't ask why, I don't typically make cards.  Here's how they turned out!

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