Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sensory Saturday ~ Apple Sensory Baggie

I've been wanting to introduce my Little Guy to sensory baggies for a while now, but never got around to it.  I finally decided to go for it and make an apple theme baggie.  My original plan was to just draw an apple on a baggie and fill it with red paint, simple right?  Well, of course I had to make it a little more complicated.  "How can I turn the baggie into a circle?!"  
What you Need:
~ Red Paint
~ A ziplock Baggie
~ 2 Red (or painted red) paper plates
~ Scissors
~ Masking Tape (or, even batter, red duct tape!)
~ Green construction paper (for leaf and stem)

Step 1: Cut out the center of 1 paper plate

Step 2: Add red paint to ziplock baggie and zip closed.
Step 3: Fold over top of baggie and masking tape bag closed (just to be sure no paint leaks out
Step 4: Layer the full paper plate, the baggie filled with paint, and the cut paper plate, in that order!

Step 5: Start taping! Fold the baggie that sticks out over the back of the paper plate and tape, tape, tape!  Do this all the way around the plate but leave an opening to add a leaf and stem!  I taped those in last.  The back of my plate is NOT pretty!  When I try this again, I'm going to use smaller pieces of tape, I used longer strips and ended up with this disaster.

The finished product!

Little Guy was very curious about this "apple".  He had watched me make it and couldn't wait to get his hands on it!

My wheels are already turning on how to evolve this project... stay tuned!

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