Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Currently September 2014

Listening: to silence!  Baby Boy is sleeping and it's "Oh so quiet in here!" 

Loving:  Staying home with my baby (Baby Boy is actually a toddler now, but he'll always be my baby!)
I've been lucky enough to become a stay-at-home mommy and I'm loving all the time I get to spend with my sweet boy!

Thinking: About my next TPT project.  I can't decide if I want to create some more apple theme items or start on a farm theme?  Decisions, decisions.... what do you think?

Visit my TPT Store and download my Apple Theme Counting Frames FREEBIE!!

Wanting:  Starbucks!  I always want Starbucks.  I'm addicted to Unsweetened Iced Tea Lemonade!

Needing:  Baby wipes.  I had no desire to go shopping this weekend so I'm down to my last pack of baby wipes (and last roll of toilet paper, oops!)  I guess a Target run is in my very near future!

3 Trips: VA - to see family (miss you!), NYC - to see the Yankees play (and shop!!), & the Bahamas - the hubby and I went on our honeymoon 6 years ago, love the white sand and palm trees!

That's it from me... 
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  1. Love the freebie, thanks for sharing! Perfect for the start of the school year with my kinders. And ditto on your wanting! I always want Starbucks. I wish there were one on my commute to school.
    The Chalkboard Garden

  2. Hello! I found your blog through the Currently link up. I gotta say that I love Starbuck's Unsweet Iced Tea Lemonade as well! Though Vanilla Lattes are my current favorite :) That is so neat that you can stay home with your little one this year! I hope I can do that if I ever have kids. :)

    - Katy
    First Grade Kate