Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Throwback Thursday ~ Play-doh Name Mats #TBT

Throw Back Thursday ~ Play-doh Name Mats!
I shared a post 2 years ago (gasp!) about making name mats for my students to help with name recognition.
  (You can view the whole post HERE!)
This is such a simple idea, yet the kiddo's LOVE it!

 I used these with play-doh during small groups and then added them into our play-doh center once my kiddo's became familiar with finding their name and rolling out the play-doh.

Besides being fun, this activity is a great sensory experience and promotes fine motor skills, as well as name and letter recognition.  I also used these mats in my writing center with dry erase markers, as name tags on tables, or to use as a quick line up activity ("When you see your name, you may line up!")

I created a similar set of ABC Beginning Sound Play-doh Mats available now for purchase in my TPT store

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