Thursday, July 31, 2014

Magnetic Letter Storage

I love that you can find a way to organize almost anything on Pinterest!  Since I had to dig out some magnetic letters for the Blog Hoppin' scavenger hunt, I thought this would be a great time to share my Pinterest inspired magnetic letter storage solution!

I bought a nail/screw organizer with 27 small drawers from a local hardware store (my dad was so proud, lol!).  I used pink stickers (of course) to label each drawer with one letter.  My stickers seemed to stick pretty well so I didn't have to Modge Podge like I was planning on.

I made sure a large drawer was my extra drawer and put 1 of each letter in there, in case I ever needed a full set for sorting during full or small group instruction.

That's it, all done!  So Simple!

If you need more inspiration, check out the adorable storage boxes from First Grade Glitter and Giggles and Pocket Full of Kinders!

For more organizing ideas, check out my Classroom Organization Pinterest board!

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