Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fabulous Fall Ten Frames

Ten frames are a great tool for teaching students a variety of math concepts aligned with the common core standards.  They can be used for hands on practice in counting, number recognition, 1-1 correspondence, and more!
Check out some of my Fall theme frames that would be perfect to use for the upcoming months!
All packs include 4 sets of frames:
#'s 1-10 : Blank and Completed Sets
#'s 1 - 20 : Blank and Completed Sets
Blank sets are perfect for more advanced students or for assessment purposes.

Available in my Teachers Notebook or TPT stores!
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 Fall Leaves 10 Frames
 Pumpkin 10 Frames

Apple 10 Frames

If you're little ones are only working on numbers 1-10 right now, this pack is perfect for you!

8 sets of frames (Complete & Blank) that contain apples, pumpkins, leaves, and acorns!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Ff is for FALL!

Fall is by far my favorite season!  I love everything that goes along with it... apples, pumpkins, and leaves changing colors, just to name a few.
Last year, I made a great fall pack to use in my classroom.  This year I revamped it and ended up splitting it into two separate MEGA packs, a literacy and a math pack, to include even MORE fun and educational activities in a great fall theme!
 Check them out in my TPT and Teachers Notebook shops!
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Fall Literacy MEGA Pack

37 Pages ~ Letter Recognition, Vocabulary, Word Work, Beginning Sounds, Syllables & MORE!

 Fall Math MEGA Pack
41 Pages ~ Number Recognition, Counting, 1-1 Correspondence, Patterns & More!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

C is for Colorful Crayons

Well... It's taken me about 2 months but my Colorful Crayon Literacy and Math MEGA Packs are FINALLY done!
Check them out in my TPT or Teachers Notebook Stores!
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Colorful Crayons MEGA Literacy Pack

50 Pages ~ ABC's, Beginning Sounds, Fine Motor Skills & More!

 Colorful Crayons MEGA Math Pack
46 Pages ~ Number Recognition, Counting, Patterns, Sorting & More!
...and of course, a FREEBIE!