Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Creepy Crawlies & Insects... EEK!

I love all the lesson themes that Spring brings.... flowers, frogs, and insects!
I started working on some great new insect theme activities and am LOVING how they are turning out!  I have about a million ideas floating in my head and hope that I have the time to make & post them all!
Here are two super packs that I just finished that would be a great starting point for centers and small groups during a general insect theme...

This pack is my Insect Theme Math Pack that includes 25 pages of activities! 
Skills Include: Counting, Number Recognition, Measuring w/ Nonstandard Units, 1-1 Correspondence & Patterning
My Insect Literacy Pack contains 29 pages of Literacy based activities for mini-lessons, small group, and center time work. 
Skills include: Beginning Sounds, Syllables, Word Wall, Word Work & More!
I posted pictures of the contents of each pack on my Facebook page, if you're interested!
Both packs are available NOW in my Teachers Notebook and TPT stores...
... as well as this FREEBIE!
Contains 3 prompts with room for dictation, writing, and illustration!
Happy Spring! :)


  1. I am having trouble printing the insect writing prompts freebie. Could you please reset the security setting? Thanks. Maria

  2. Thank you for letting me know there was an issue! I reset the security settings and the problem should be fixed. Please try downloading the file again. Thanks! :)