Thursday, March 28, 2013

April Showers!

It's finally Spring!
I am SO ready to be done with snow, even if it means rain is on the way.
I love the cute umbrella graphics from and they inspired me to create activities for a new theme ~ APRIL SHOWERS!
Items are available NOW in my Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers stores.

This pack contains 5 sets 1 - 10 in 5 different colors!
Can be used for practice in number recognition, number sequencing, counting (links, counting cubes), and classification. 
To use with counting links, punch a hole in the bottom.  To see how I would use these cards with counting links, click here
I would also have students sort links (or other manipulatives) by color on the cards they are working with.  This seems to stop some of the arguments between students when in independent small groups so I am able to work with another group.
 And now a.........

Includes one prompt "April showers bring..." in color and black & white.

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