Friday, February 8, 2013

Love Bugs!

Last year my little friends created the cutest "Love bugs"
 for our Valentine's Day I mean "Friendship Day" celebration!
Each student chose either a pink or white heart to cut out.  After their heart was cut, my teaching team and I painted both of their hands in a shade of pink and pressed them onto the paper heart to form a hand print heart. 
After the paint dried, we mounted them onto either pink or red construction paper and cut around the heart with scrapbook scissors to create a border.  This was the then mounted onto white paper which was mounted onto black construction paper.  ( I know this seems like a lot of wasted paper, but I just love the way they turned out!)
They students then glued on a heart shaped "head" and added eyes (if you look close, you can see that several creations have more than 2 eyes, LOL!). 
They then used valentine's day theme & heart shape foam stickers to decorate their bugs anyway they liked. Foam stickers are great for developing fine motor skills, the students really have to focus on using their fingers to remove the paper backing.
 I love how some students chose to place the hearts all the way around the paper hearts and how others just randomly placed them.  It gives the "love bugs" some personality, which my kiddo's definitely had!


  1. These love bugs came out so cute! I'm your newest follower!

    Science for Kids Blog

  2. Thank you! I love how they came out too!! :)