Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our 5 Senses!

Fall is the perfect season to study the 5 senses! 
To begin our study, we made a "5 Senses" graphic organizer where the student's brainstormed different things we can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell!
One of my favorite responses was We Can Hear... "Ms. Jennifer"!  LOL!
To incorporate the sense of smell into our classroom, I used Cinnamon Swirl essence oil from Michael's.  I have to admit, I may have went a little cinnamon crazy.  I added it into our paint AND  orange play-doh!
This is one delicious smelling painting!

My next mission is to find peppermint oil for Christmas, I mean winter!
We turned our dramatic play center into a "Chinese Buffet" using the printables from Pre-K Pages 
and next week we're going to be turning it into a Pre-K Pizzeria also from Pre-K Pages!
Pictures coming soon!

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