Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Name Recognition

We will be finishing up our "All About Me" theme this week.
During this theme we have been working on building our name recognition skills through a variety of hands on activities!

We practiced recognizing our names and our friends names using name cards in a pocket chart.  The children had to match their picture card to their name card.  I put a sticker with each childs name on the back of their picture card for additional support.
(The pictures are flipped around so you are looking at the back).
During small group time, students used bingo dabbers to "trace" their names.  I'm going to display these throughout the year with their picture next to it.
Check out our pinterest inspiration here - Bingo Dabber Names
The students used magnifying glasses to explore the letters in their name and arranged letter tiles to form their name.  When they were finished, they practiced writing their name on our dry erase boards.

More name recognition activities coming soon!

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