Friday, October 26, 2012

More Spiders!

Our building had our "Fall Fest" celebration yesterday! 
 For our building wide events, each classroom put an activity in the hall for our children and their parents to explore.  The parents and children traveled around the building together making crafts, playing games, and learning!
Since we have been studying the letter "Ss" this week, and talking about spiders in class, I carried this theme into my activity.
First, I hung up 3 posters; a "Are/Can/Have" chart that the children helped me create in class, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" poem, and directions for the activity.
"Are/Can/Have" Spiders Chart
Next, I decorated my activity table with this cute spider web tablecloth over another purple tablecloth.  Check out the spider with the pink legs I found in the Target Dollar Section!
In the little green basket are print outs of a spider for the children to color; purple if they are a girl and green if they are a boy (a mini glyph!).  The parents then asked their child, "Are you afraid of spiders?" and helped the child tape the spider to either the"yes" or "no" spider web.
I wish I was a better artist, but look how cute the webs turned out after the children added their spiders!
Hopefully I'll have time over the weekend to add pictures of the cute spider hats we made and the SUPER CREATIVE fall activities from some of the other classrooms!

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