Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Fall Fest Fun!

 I had the day off today due to this crazy East Coast weather, so I didn't  get the chance to finish taking pictures of all the monster activities that we did yesterday.
Since I don't have those to post, I thought I would take the chance to post some of the cute activities some of the other classrooms did for our buildings "Fall Fest".

First off, Ms. Sarah, Ms. Chrissy, and Ms. Tania had the cutest pumpkin ring toss game!  The children had to toss glow stick necklaces around the stems of the pumpkins.
Next is Ms. Kristin's and Ms. Sue's toilet paper ghost bowling!  My kids couldn't get over that they got to play with toilet paper rolls!  They loved stacking up the toilet paper into different structures and towers and trying to knock it down with the light up ball.
Ms. Jennifer and Ms. Jessica made a bean bag toss game with a pumpkin garbage bag and a pop up laundry hamper.
Ms. Sandy incorporated Social Emotional skills into her activity by having the children decorate pumpkin cutouts  with different facial expressions, super cute but I forgot to take a picture! :(
Ms. Liz and Ms. Kathy made a fall family tree using wrapping paper tubes!  The children in their class decorated leaves using family pictures and then they were added to the tree ~ Love this!
I hope everyone has a very fun and safe Halloween tomorrow!  I'll post pictures from our class "Pumpkin Party" soon!

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