Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Brown Bear Theme

Wow... I meant to post these Brown Bear activities waaaaay back in September! 
We completed our Brown Bear/Eric Carle theme the second week of school and I meant to post these quicker, better late then never, right?!
First, I made a cute file folder game using the Brown Bear matching cards from lapbooksbycarisa.homestead.com
These are sooo cute and I believe they were a FREE download!

I recently started using scrapbook paper on my file folder games for extra cuteness! 
I glued one half of the animal card to the file folder with a corresponding color square next to it (ex. blue horse - blue square).  After I laminated the file folder game and the additional pieces, I added a piece of Velcro to each piece and the color squares.  This activity was great for classification skills and color identification!
I found more FREE Brown Bear printables from www.1plus1plus1equals1.net
Here, there are small pictures of each animal from Brown  Bear, as well as real pictures of the animals. 
We used these in 2 ways.  First, we matched the real picture to the pretend picture, which was super easy for my kiddos.  Next, we discussed how some things are real, and some are pretend and then sorted the pictures into 2 categories "Real" and "Not Real".  This was a little more challenging but most began to get the hang of it!
My kids really LOVED our Brown Bear theme!  I saw just how much today, when one of my ESL students was "reading" Brown Bear to herself.  She used the pictures to guide her and was almost exact on the wording!  I was SO proud! :)

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