Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mo Williams & Eric Carle

Last week when I was shopping at Target, I found this little Pigeon toy in the dollar section.  I was so excited because it reminded me of the pigeon from the Mo Williams series "Don't Let the Pigeon..." and I thought it would be a cute prop during our Author study.
My cat, Gizmo, had other ideas for the pigeon though.  It is now his new best friend.  So, I began the hunt to find another pigeon.  I went to 2 different Targets (including the one where I found the 1st one) and NOTHING!  I began getting very disappointed (over a pigeon, I know!) until I found....
The cutest Eric Carle, "The Very Hungry Caterpillar" gear!  There were little tote bags, buckets, and stuffed caterpillar toys (I bought 2 this time just in case Gizmo gets any ideas!).  I contemplated buying ALL of the bags but talked myself out of it.  Now I kind of want to buy a whole set for my class end of the year gifts... hhhhm :)
So cute, right?!

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