Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daddy Day!

Last week, we celebrated "Dad's Take Your Child To School" Day!
Our class had an AMAZING turn out of dads, grandpa's, and mom's who stayed to help create a hand print project with their child.
Before the parents and children came into our class, I laid out several sheets of coordinating scrapbook paper (no two were alike!).  When the parents/children entered our class, we instructed each adult to trace their hand on one piece of paper and then to trace the child's hand on a different sheet of paper.
After the parents left, we cut out each hand print and assembled them, as shown below!

We also added a picture of each child and their parent/grandparent to the project.  They are currently displayed in the hallway outside of our classroom.  The children and parents LOVE looking at themselves and the art work they helped to create! :)

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