Friday, October 2, 2015

Apple Theme ~ September Tot School Activities

I was inspired by several awesome Tot School bloggers (#TeacherMom and Let's Tot School) to be more intentional with the activities I do with Little Guy.  I decided to stick with a general theme (or two) for the month and fit in activities when we can, no strict schedule for us with a newborn in the house!  Many of our activities will be geared to vocabulary acquisition and language development but we will also be working on fine motor skills, letter/number recognition, early math concepts (shapes, counting, etc) and more!

Our theme for September was "Apples".
Keywords: Apple, Tree, Red, Yellow, Green, Circle

Our activities:
Sticky Wall Apple Tree
To make our sticky wall, I used Sharpie markers to draw a simple tree on the front of contact paper.  I then taped the contact paper (sticky side out) to our front door.  Using a circle punch, I punched a ton of circles out of red, yellow, and green patterned scrapbook paper. 
Little Guy loved this activity but the paper circles were hard to remove from the sticky paper.  In the future. I'll either laminate the scrapbook paper or use card stock.  
(This activity was inspired by Toddler Approved)

Color Sorting
Little Guy loved sorting colors using Duplo blocks and apple sorting mats
(available in my Apple Theme Mega Pack in my TPT shop)

Play-doh Circle Stamping
This activity was inspired heavily from Let's Tot School.  We used circle shaped blocks from our shape sorter to stamp circles into red play-doh.  I tried to use the words "circle" and "red" as much as possible during this activity.

Play-doh Apple Fine Motor/1-1 Correspondence
The last few times we used Play-doh, Little Guy spent most of his time ripping it apart.  This is great for developing strength and coordination for future fine motor skills.  I thought I could sneak in even more skill development by providing him with a "Do a Dot" mat from Crystal and Comp.
This activity can also be done using bingo chips or pom poms.

For more Apple Theme ideas, please follow my Pre-K ~ Apple Theme board on Pinterest!   

Friday, August 28, 2015

DIY Taste Safe Water Colors!

Taste Safe Water Colors ~ DIY

What you need: water, food coloring, paint brushes/sponges, paper

So simple to make!  
Mix a little bit of water with a few drops of food coloring (I used two drops) and paint away!
Little Guy also discovered what would happen if he mixed the two colors of paint (blue and green), it made a pretty turquoise color!  
The finished creations:

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Assess Me ~ Week 2

Linking up again with The Tattooed Teacher for the "Assess Me Linky"
Hope you enjoy learning more about me! :)